President’s Blog November 2013

And so the winter has started and with it the inevitable increase in hospital occupancy rates, ED exit block, ambulance handover delays and the daily struggle to find sufficient staff to maintain even minimum levels of care. As I am writing this in mid-September you will see I am blessed with the gift of prophecy […]

President’s Blog August 2013

‘Time and tide waits for no man’ and so although my first newsletter as President has yet to be published I am tasked with putting pen to paper again, to ensure early receipt at the printers to accompany the Conference supplement. As I write, I am sat a short distance from my boat (dinghy) on […]

President’s Blog July 2013

As Monty Python noted in the ‘Spanish Inquisition’ sketch, ‘No one expects the unexpected’! And so I find myself President of the College! In the regular slot afforded to the president in this supplement, now as author rather than reader, it is with some apprehension that I follow my predecessors in their role as ‘leader […]