Training – where we are?

Happy New Year! There is no doubt that 2019 promises another year of challenge and also opportunity. I want to spend my last 10 Presblogs (!) describing some of the excellent work that has been done by the College as we aspire to support training and advise on care delivery in emergency care in one […]

Guest post: Modernising EM & the College

Guest post from RCEM Chief Executive, Gordon Miles. I joined the College in the autumn of 2010. A staff of 12 staff were my resources to help address the needs of 2,500 Members and Fellows. We had no property and rented some space from the Anaethetists. We rented space for our examinations and Study Days […]

New arrivals and the excitement of ED

August – a month to welcome new doctors into the ED freshly minted from their first Foundation year’s experiences from the wards. A chance to allow them to explore the excitement of Emergency Medicine, the diagnostic challenge of the undifferentiated patient, the variety of presentations and of course the unique team work that is TeamED. […]


At every level in EM our job is to somehow influence and guide, inside or outside the clinical arena. At some levels that can be incredibly challenging. Yesterday I had the pleasure of being invited to No 10 Downing Street with my Presidential colleagues for a dinner event to help inform and influence the Chief […]

Models for safer care

One of the real challenges and skills required for all of us in leadership roles, local or national, is to be able to have a clarity of focus. People regularly will and should challenge within teams – “Where are we going?” “How are we going to get there?” “What should we focus on to make […]