Reflections on a Presidency and playing Cassandra

This will be my last EMJ supplement as President. I have been reflecting on the three years and on the questions, I get asked regularly; have I enjoyed my time, and will I miss it? It is a huge honour to be elected President of your College and the role is unendingly interesting. I have had the opportunity to meeting a wide variety of people and have tried to influence for good. It will be up to others to decide how successful I (and my team) have been.

Exams update from the CEO

The past months have seen significant work here at the College to address the issues that led to the examinations results error for the March diet of the FRCEM SBA. Before explaining what we have been doing, I think some context is useful, at the risk of recapping what we have already said before.

Beds in the NHS

In May 2022, RCEM published a policy report uninspiringly called ‘Beds in the NHS’. Despite the dull title, it attracted significant media attention, being a lead story in national media. As is often the way, the story was recycled into local papers giving us coverage in publications as diverse as the Milford Mercury, Grimsby Live and the East Lothian Courier. Unusually, there was almost universal agreement from all sides of the media that the NHS does not have enough beds for the work it needs to do.  

Windrush Day

In this guest blog, to commemorate Windrush Day 2022, Dr David Chung, Co-Chair of RCEM’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, explores the background of and pays tribute to the Windrush generation. When I was a child, the name Windrush was not a thing. I was a West Indian, but our stories were not told. Today […]

Clean Air Day 2022

In this month’s blog, Chair of RCEM’s Environmental Special Interst Group, Dr Sandy Robertson, looks at the impact pollution has on the body to mark Clean Air Day 2022. Today is Clean Air Day, with this year’s message highlighting that air pollution dirties every organ in the body. We know that air pollution has a […]

RCEM Membership Survey 2021

In this blog, RCEM Vice President for Membership, Dr Carole Gavin looks at the feedback members gave us via our survey at the end of 2021, and the improvements we are making as a result. Thank you to all our members that responded to our membership feedback survey at the end of 2021. It was […]

The best and the worst of the NHS

In this month’s guest blog Dr Graham Johnson, Consultant Emergency and Paediatric Emergency Medicine at Royal Derby Hospital, discusses his family’s recent experience of receiving care. Last Thursday I had the pleasure of experiencing the very best of the NHS. My son had an elective orthopaedic procedure at the Robert Jones Agnes Hunt Hospital in […]