Numbers & Narnia

Numbers are a funny thing! You can make such a clear judgement about some, but others take more time to decipher and understand what they mean and what the consequences really are. This month is all about numbers! Let’s start with £6 billion – a motley sum. The amount actually that social care funding has […]

Resolutions & solutions for 2018

Welcome to 2018. No doubt your New Year resolutions have been finely sculpted in your mind and your body is already beginning to see the benefits! Last year was by any stretch an incredible year in which to profile the great work of our specialty and to help us to ‘look up’ a little more […]

Looking back on 2017

Welcome to this month’s reflections of College news and events. A month indeed to look back on 2017 and touch on some of the real highlights that have marked the College calendar as well as noting the ongoing battles that we face. Here are 10 notable areas that we made some great progress on your […]