President’s Blog May 2015

As we move into May I suspect that many readers will have grown tired of campaigns. As we await the result of the forthcoming General Election in the UK, it seems prudent and indeed even refreshing to set aside issues of policy, disagreements and matters of contention. Instead I thought I might reflect on some […]

President’s Blog March 2015

February 4th 2015 will be one of the few dates I will be able to recall in later life.  A telephone call at 11am followed by a letter stating: ‘Permission to use the title Royal is granted by the Sovereign, acting on the advice of her Ministers.  following careful consideration of your application, I am […]

President’s Blog February 2015

Those of you who suffer to read my regular ‘copy’ as the publishers refer to it, will be used to the format of updates of College activity. This month I thought I might adopt a more autobiographical perspective, reflecting on some of my personal experiences of the last 18 months. In consequence, dispel any notion of enlightenment and […]

President’s Blog January 2015

A new year and an opportunity to reinvigorate our work at the College. As I write this, in mid November, it is a challenge to put oneself in mind of 2015 albeit only 8 weeks hence. On this day that I put pen to paper I have met with the Secretary of State who has informed me […]

President’s Blog December 2014

My second Christmas as President of the College – what will Santa bring? My list of CEM10 goodies will continue to dominate my expectations though, in a manner similar to my children with their Advent Calendars, the rate of progress can be frustrating. Top of the list of frustrations are the current proposals for reform […]

President’s Blog November 2014

I hope this epistle finds you well. As I write on the Monday afternoon after the busiest weekend my department has ever had, I confess to being a little war-torn. An almost 20% rise in attendances with an even greater rise in the proportion conveyed by ambulance is an exhausting experience for my ED team, and I know […]

President’s Blog October 2014

October and the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness! We are approaching the first anniversary of the launch of the ‘College 10 priorities campaign’ and we can celebrate a major achievement – namely a substantial increase in the numbers of doctors recruited to both CT1 and CT3 posts via the HEE funded expansion in ACCS EM […]

President’s Blog September 2014

September – children back to school and for those of us juggling family and work life, the sense of a ‘return to normal’. Next week will be the Annual Scientific Conference and AGM held in Exeter, the very heart of the West Country and only 30 miles south of Taunton, the regional centre! This year […]

President’s Blog August 2014

August!  And with it a new cadre of doctors, an increase in barbecue related burns and dare I hope; a Test match win for England? I have now compiled a dozen of these short epistles and to those of you who have read them my thanks and apologies! The challenge is always to be topical […]

President’s Blog July 2014

With Summer in full swing (hopefully) I trust most of you will be looking forward to some well earnt holidays with family or friends. The College is gearing up for a number of key events this Autumn, of which the most exciting will be the Exeter conference. This will be a great opportunity to update […]