Why I am proud to lead the fight for gender equity in Emergency Medicine

March 2021 – Nine years ago, I was told by a senior male consultant colleague that I could not be a good clinician, an academic and a mum. At the time, I was halfway through a PhD and I was a parent to three girls. I wondered if the same comment would ever have been made to a friend of mine, who was similarly training, researching, and having children at the hospital down the road.

What do RCEM committees do? Introducing the RCEM PHEM Professional Advisory Group

Jan 2021 – RCEM as an organisation has a challenging job making sure that we keep up with the breadth of activity within our speciality, so that our function as a College can be fulfilled. We have some 52 committees, all of which undertake valuable work. This service is undertaken by professional and lay members, unpaid and often unrecognised, supported by our College staff.

Resilience and EM: Does resilience arise from adversity?

Guest blog, December 2020 – Recently I climbed Snowdon, the highest mountain in England and Wales. This was my first ever climb to the summit which is 1085 metres high. I had no clue of the tough terrain when I geared up in excitement. It was an absolute adventure for a novice like me scaling on the steep rugged Pyg track, in adverse conditions with blustery weather, pouring rain and poor visibility.

Emergency Medicine in a changing world

December 2020 – Will we have a safer more responsive emergency care system when we come out the other side of Covid? I have to believe we can, but it needs us to keep pushing. It is entirely possible that we will be in a third wave before the much-anticipated vaccine has any significant impact on our ability to deliver healthcare and as every week goes by the challenges for the health service increases.