Resolutions & solutions for 2018

Welcome to 2018. No doubt your New Year resolutions have been finely sculpted in your mind and your body is already beginning to see the benefits! Last year was by any stretch an incredible year in which to profile the great work of our specialty and to help us to ‘look up’ a little more […]

Looking back on 2017

Welcome to this month’s reflections of College news and events. A month indeed to look back on 2017 and touch on some of the real highlights that have marked the College calendar as well as noting the ongoing battles that we face. Here are 10 notable areas that we made some great progress on your […]

Marking 50 years of EM

Historic moments in time tumble all too regularly it seems into our lives in different ways. Yet for us in Emergency Medicine in the UK and Ireland this month can be viewed truly as one we should spend a few moments in order to savour, reflect and also to look forward. Fifty years ago this […]

Predicting the future

Predicting the future has always been a tricky business as events of the last 12 months or so have proven. Writing this blog requires a small modicum of peering into the future (by about 4-6 weeks or so) but I try hard to stick to the facts I am fairly certain about. Peering into the […]

Get involved in our Golden Jubilee celebrations

Celebrating excellence in 2017! August is of course a month of holidays, heat (even in Yorkshire!) and the heady atmosphere of welcoming the most junior doctors into the joys of working with us in the Emergency Department. Some will be inspired from the beginning, some bedazzled by the seeming chaos (but actually sheer complexity) of […]