Get involved in our Golden Jubilee celebrations

Celebrating excellence in 2017! August is of course a month of holidays, heat (even in Yorkshire!) and the heady atmosphere of welcoming the most junior doctors into the joys of working with us in the Emergency Department. Some will be inspired from the beginning, some bedazzled by the seeming chaos (but actually sheer complexity) of […]

Celebrating excellence!

Celebrating excellence is the key theme of the next few months! Mainly because there is so much to tell and enthuse you about that I thought it would be good to focus purely on celebration – the why, how, what and where! If you want to catch up on some of the more serious battles […]

President’s Blog January 2017

The first day of a new calendar year seems to ‘hard wire’ into many of us a need to reflect and also look forward – hopefully with optimism, a healthy dose of sceptism and almost certainly with plenty of stoicism when it comes to working in the Emergency Dept! Factoid of the Month – the […]