Models for safer care

May 2018 – One of the real challenges and skills required for all of us in leadership roles, local or national, is to be able to have a clarity of focus. People regularly will and should challenge within teams – “Where are we going?” “How are we going to get there?” “What should we focus on to make sure we are pushing in the same direction?”

STPs, planning policy and influencing positive change

April 2018 – Spring has definitely arrived (I write this as most of us dig ourselves out of the snow after the Beast from the East!) and we can reflect on the continuing challenges that face our Emergency Departments and our staff. It is certainly a marker of the dedication, commitment and sheer ‘can do’ attitude that has allowed us to somehow maintain safety and provide decent care to our patients.

Marking 50 years of EM

Oct 2017 – Historic moments in time tumble all too regularly it seems into our lives in different ways. Yet for us in Emergency Medicine in the UK and Ireland this month can be viewed truly as one we should spend a few moments in order to savour, reflect and also to look forward.

Predicting the future

Sept 2017 – Predicting the future has always been a tricky business as events of the last 12 months or so have proven. Writing this blog requires a small modicum of peering into the future (by about 4-6 weeks or so) but I try hard to stick to the facts I am fairly certain about.