Black History Month: Eddie’s Story

Tell us about yourself and your background? My name is Edward Oforka and I was born in Nigeria. When it comes to identity, Nigerian, Black and Christian are how I strongly identify. I am one of six children born to working class parents and was one of the first in my family to go to […]

World Mental Health Day and Emergency Medicine

October 10th is World Mental Health Day Have you ever wondered if we sometimes make things worse for patient with mental health problems coming to the ED? Stigma in the general hospital setting is reported by patients to result in devaluation, social control, avoidance, rejection and failure to act. Perry et al. Careless talk […]

President’s Blog March 2015

February 4th 2015 will be one of the few dates I will be able to recall in later life.  A telephone call at 11am followed by a letter stating: ‘Permission to use the title Royal is granted by the Sovereign, acting on the advice of her Ministers.  following careful consideration of your application, I am […]